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North Phoenix, Arizona, witnessed a momentous event on August 9, 2023, as Greenway Academy, an Islamic full-time school, opened its doors to kindergarten through ninth-grade students. This promising educational institution has quickly become a cornerstone of the community, focusing on academic excellence, spiritual development, and fostering a diverse and nurturing environment.

With a dedicated faculty possessing a minimum of bachelor’s degrees and some members holding master’s degrees and even medical doctorates, Greenway Academy stands out for its commitment to delivering a comprehensive and high-quality education. Beyond academic achievements, the school strongly emphasizes instilling well-balanced teachings of Islam in its students.

The core of Greenway Academy’s philosophy is its emphasis on maintaining high academic standards while nurturing a strong connection to Islamic principles. The school’s curriculum goes beyond traditional subjects, allowing students to delve into the rich Quranic studies and Arabic language traditions. By weaving these elements into the educational fabric, Greenway Academy ensures that students receive an academically rigorous and spiritually enriching education.

One of the school’s remarkable features is its location adjacent to the United Islamic Center of Arizona (UICA). This proximity offers students a unique advantage as they can be part of a vibrant Islamic community. With a diverse student body, Greenway Academy provides an inclusive environment where students can interact and learn from one another’s cultures and backgrounds.

The school’s commitment to holistic development extends to its engagement with UICA. Students participate in Dhuhr and Jum’ah prayers alongside the UICA congregation, forging a strong bond with their faith community and fostering a sense of unity and belonging.

Greenway Academy’s dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals is evident in its curriculum and commitment to fostering strong social connections. Students are under the care of Muslim teachers who serve as mentors and role models, creating an environment where education goes beyond the classroom walls.

As Greenway Academy paves the way for a new generation of young minds, it exemplifies the potential of an education that blends academic excellence with spiritual growth. The school’s holistic approach, diverse community, and commitment to Islamic teachings make it a beacon of learning in North Phoenix, Arizona, inspiring educators and families alike.

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